How do I design that meets business needs?

Riel M
6 min readApr 18, 2021

Imagine this scenario:

You were called up for a meeting to discuss the next feature your team is about to launch. Your Product manager took the floor and said,

The next quarter is around the corner and our goal is all about revenue. So our first feature in the list is, XYZ and our goal is to increase the revenue by xx to yy%

Sounds easy huh?

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Designing is one thing, but making it sensible to users is another. Making users understand it is hard. Why? Because it is money and users don’t like spending them. And so how can we nudge them to spend or to spend more?

The question of designing with business or business metrics in mind is the same question I had years ago. But to be honest, designing with business metrics in mind is not the biggest question we have to answer, but how should we design that meets the business need and makes sense to thy users.

And so, for us to understand how we can design with two worlds at hand, let’s have a recap first of the mindset we were taught when we started.

Comics from Pablo Stanley

Design with thy users in mind, they say.

It is obviously expected from us to design for users especially when the role attached to our names and written in our contracts is User Experience Designer. We have to design following our user’s persona, what they value, how they behave, and how they interact with the app.

Our design revolves around them.

But what if one day, it just won't revolve only to them anymore.

All of a sudden, you hear heavy footsteps rushing through your door and it knocked with such urgency.

You opened the door.

And comes this man in his suit and tie.

He took a chair.

Opened his suitcase.

And opened this document of all their business needs and numbers you will never understand (just like the scenario earlier).