8 life lessons at 28

Riel M
6 min readMay 15, 2021

I turned 28 last week and the days before, I took the time to reflect and retrospect on the past 27 years. I must say, I’ve learned a lot from them, especially last year where I felt life, in general, took a toll on me, and looking back, I can’t help but give myself a tap on the back for being able to go through them.

I’m just so damn proud of myself.

Thus, in this article, I won’t be giving 8 design lessons but rather 8 life lessons I’ve learned for the past years, and give a few personal experiences of how I learned them. I hope you’ll get something out of this.

1. Choose your struggles wisely

You have to learn to pick your battles. Know which battles you are willing to exhaust all your energy, time, and patience.

It was in university that I learned this lesson. I really wanted to be a musician, but later on, in my professional life, I realized that if I went through the path of being one, I’m not willing to take on the struggles that go with it. I can’t sit all day reading music sheets, practicing to hit the right keys and notes, studying the life of different musicians, and so on… But it was in Design, it was in Design where I am willing to take on any obstacles with arms wide open and head-on.


Because it is where I find happiness and joy.

And so, happiness is a struggle. You have to choose your struggles wisely.

2. Don’t be sad over things you cannot change

We tend to hold on to our disappointments, sadness, loneliness, and all sorts of emotions when shit happens to us. And that’s totally normal. We are humans!

But sometimes, when it is pretty obvious that no matter what we do, or after all the efforts we’ve made, and still nothing has changed, all we can do is to let go.